The liver is an important organ that regulates over 500 functions in your body – these go beyond its
detoxification of toxins, chemicals, and alcohol from your body.
Poor liver function = poor health.



Our liver has no nerve fibres that sense pain.
Look out for signs of a ‘congested’ liver before it is too late.

  • Bad breath
  • Cellulite
  • Coated tongue
  • Constipation
  • Decreased appetite
  • Dark under eye circles
  • Decreased appetite
  • Fatigue
  • Itchy skin
  • Inability to concentrate
  • Poor immunity
  • Skin/eyes turn yellowish
  • Skin rashes
  • Sleepiness after meals
  • Swollen abdomen


Excessive Alcohol Intake

Partying hard all night? Suffering from serious headaches
and hangover the morning after?

• Alcohol burdens your liver! When your liver breaks down the alcohol, the resulting chemical reaction further damages the liver cells.

• After a long time of consuming alcohol, the damage becomes permanent and
leads to loss of liver function.

• It could even lead to DNA mutation that kick-starts cancer.


Are you ok with being a first-hand smoker or
a second-hand smoker?

• Toxic chemicals in cigarettes reach the liver and damage the liver cells
much faster, reducing liver function over time.

Sleep Deprivation and Stress

Are you a late sleeper? Do you frequently take work home
and check your emails or phone messages till late night?

• Lack of sleep causes oxidative stress to the liver, causing its inability to process
fat efficiently, and instead allows fat to accumulate.

• Stress leads to inflammatory response in liver and damaged liver function.

Poor Eating Habits

Is your diet an unhealthy one that has fewer greens but
more meat? Eating whatever you want without
disciplining yourself?

• Food high in salt not only increases blood pressure, but also causes fluid buildup
in the liver (water retention) and swelling.


Struggling to lose weight?

• Being overweight brings many risks, because large amounts of stored fat
can pump out toxic chemicals.

• The liver helps to process and regulate the amount of sugar and fat in the blood,
but the liver of an obese person becomes overwhelmed and starts storing excess fat
in its own liver cells. Over time, the liver becomes inflamed and damaged.


Even if you do not have all these habits, your liver is still not protected. Let’s face it – it’s almost impossible in the modern world to eliminate toxins from the outside.

Did you know?

• The umbilical cord of the newborn baby has nearly 300 toxins.

• Everyone today carries at least 700 contaminants in their body.

• FDA reported > 65% of the synthetic chemicals in personal care products are toxic and hormone disrupters.

• 99% of breast cancer tissues sampled has detected paraben (a preservative widely used in cosmetic/ personal care products).

• Chemicals found in plastic can raise your blood pressure within just a few hours of ingestion.

• One sausage a day raises your cancer risk by 20%.


Glutathione protects your liver in multiple ways.

Enhances Liver Detoxification

Glutathione grabs hold of toxins in the liver and escorts them out of the body via urine or bile. If there isn’t enough glutathione, the toxins will be stacked up in the body. Glutathione1 can effectively eliminate dangerous toxins such as heavy metals, carcinogens, chemicals, food additives, and pesticides.

Protects Alcohol Lovers

During the alcohol detoxification process in the liver, carcinogens (compounds that cause cancer) are produced. The glutathione, which is meant to significantly improve hangover symptoms and protects your liver from alcohol intoxication, could be exhausted when it is bound to carcinogen. Therefore, it is very important for alcohol lovers to increase their glutathione level to prevent alcohol-related cancers.

Prevents Liver Damage

Glutathione hunts free radicals and protects the liver against a variety of toxins and pollutants. This is highly beneficial for just about everyone – busy individuals who often eat out, city dwellers exposed to polluted environment, and smokers.

Promotes Flawless, Healthier Skin

If your liver is sluggish, toxins will accumulate in your body and affect the way you look externally. Glutathione2 promotes a complexion free from acne and blemishes (e.g. pigmentation and dull skin tone).


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  • Cracked and bleeding skin relieved in one month!

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  • My daughter's skin become fairer and smoother.

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  • It lightened the dark circles around my eyes.

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  • It gave me a more even and brighter skin tone.

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  • It solved my long-term acne problem and reduced blemishes in three months!

    Maggie, Ghana
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